Гжельский Фарфоровый завод / Oiler Zorka author's painting

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Гжельский Фарфоровый завод / A set of decorative plates "Astrakhan" 1c

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Галактика г.Гжель / Tray

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Галактика г.Гжель / Plaque

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Russia is a great country with absolutely amazing creativity. The exquisite art of its masters has long gained worldwide fame. Gzhel painting is one of such folk crafts.

Why you should buy Gzhel?

A good mood is what is worth the money invested. Always have lunch with an appetite from beautiful dishes. Gzhel (porcelain and ceramics) is great for this. The characteristic blue-blue patterns against the background of white clay cannot be confused with anything else. Products from Gzhel in stores amaze with the quality of work and incredible variability of plot compositions:

  • classic floral ornaments
  • animals and birds,
  • folk motives.

Manufacturing technology has hardly changed over the past centuries. The production is mainly based on manual work. The master applies a pattern on the fired porcelain with a special brush.

This painting is used not only on clay, but also on:

  • popular prints - mainly pictures and nesting dolls,
  • glassware - colored overglaze painting,
  • metal - technique "dead cobalt",
  • porcelain or earthenware.

Gzhel dishes and decor

Gzhel ceramics are made by handicraft and industrial methods (in the homeland of the craft - the Gzhel porcelain factory). The traditional technology of Gzhel porcelain is used together with innovations.

At the factory you can find premium goods where clay is painted by hand using metals - gold and platinum.

Gzhel products often have a utilitarian function:

  1. pancake makers and jugs,
  2. oilers and trays,
  3. sugar bowls and sets,
  4. plates and teapots,
  5. mugs and glasses,
  6. samovars and shtoffs,
  7. herring and caviar,
  8. cups and tea pairs.

They can be effectively supplemented with figures from Gzhel, buy lovely gift figurines. This great gift is suitable for any occasion: anniversary, wedding, housewarming, christening.

Do you think what to give your loved ones on a significant date?

  • Gzhel goods look luxurious, have a rich history, are made from natural materials.
  • They are unique, neat, and create coziness in the house.
  • They can be displayed prominently for beauty or used as intended.

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