Wicker basket "Harvest" No. 2, 190x290x390

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Price 40.02 USD

Золотая Хохлома / Set "Chess" 36x36x2.5 cm

Vendor code

Price 440.93 USD

Гжельский Фарфоровый завод / Cook's spice set

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Price 51.14 USD

Золотая Хохлома / Set for wine "Kremlin Tower" 14 items

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Price 355.71 USD

Золотая Хохлома / Set for wine with a musical element, 8 items

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Price 197.31 USD

Золотая Хохлома / Set of board games "At leisure", 5 items

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Price 815.16 USD

Дятьковский Хрустальный завод / Crystal chess in a gift box

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Price 3,255.09 USD

Палех / Box "Milk of a young man" 24x11x4 cm, author Tsyganova

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Price 1,667.38 USD

Палех / Box "Golden Cockerel" 8x8.5x7 cm, author Bogdanov

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Price 926.32 USD

Палех / Box "Vasilisa" 12x8 cm, author Tsyganova

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Price 592.85 USD

Палех / Box "Firebird" 12x8 cm, author Terentyeva

Vendor code

Price 289.02 USD

Палех / Box "Fairy tale" 14x9.5 cm, author Terentyev

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Price 140.81 USD

Палех / Box "Troika" 14x10 cm, author Gonchar A.S.

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Price 348.3 USD

Палех / Casket "Tsar Saltan" 12x8 cm, author Terentyeva OV

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Price 326.07 USD

Палех / Box "Falconry" 12x8 cm, author Volkov D.

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Price 589.14 USD

Палех / Box "Marya Morevna" 12x8 cm, author Tsyganova O.

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Price 666.95 USD

Палех / Painting "Three" 19x15 cm, author Konovalova Yu.

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Price 592.85 USD

Палех / Icon "Leaping baby" 22x18 cm

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Price 11,115.82 USD

Палех / Casket "Alice in Wonderland" by Kornilov

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Price 3,631.17 USD

Палех / Palekh / Pendant "Couple" 7x7 cm, master Suloeva

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Price 111.16 USD

Палех / Palekh / Christmas tree ball "Mermaids" wooden, master Bogatikova

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Price 314.95 USD

Палех / Palekh / Christmas tree ball "Troika" glass, master Rybakina

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Price 314.95 USD

Russia is a country rich in talents. From time immemorial, fairs and exhibitions have been organized to demonstrate to all comers art products, Russian national products, folk goods.

Buy handicrafts

Today, the Internet is becoming such a fair, where you can enjoy:

  • go to the store of Russian goods and view the multi-page catalog,
  • read reviews and meet manufacturers,
  • compare prices and choose a product,
  • buy it with home delivery.

Works of craftsmen and handicrafts are purchased as a souvenir. They can also be gifted to friends, relatives, children, yourself or foreign acquaintances.

Why exactly Russian craft art?

What distinguishes a good product that you are not ashamed to present to your family and friends?

  • Originality. Socks and shower gel can be a disappointment to a person. Handcrafted, unique pieces are definitely original.
  • The gift should look expensive. But at the same time, it does not have much influence on the family budget. Popular goods can be purchased at very reasonable prices.
  • The trend towards environmental friendliness and naturalness dictates the need to purchase only safe products. It is great if they are made of natural materials - wood, clay, home textiles.
  • Color is important. The gift should highlight significant moments that have been experienced together, common qualities. For example, fellow countrymen, love of chess or fishing.
  • A good gift should evoke a sense of belonging, belonging to something big and important. People, country, homeland, own land, fighting brotherhood. Truly Russian souvenirs cope with this task as well.

Online store of Russian souvenirs

What does our Russian souvenir shop have? We have divided the available variety of products into categories so that it is convenient for you to choose. Here you will find:

  1. Albums, books, gift editions.
  2. Crockery and other utensils.
  3. Kitchen utensils and furniture for the interior of the room.
  4. A variety of toys made from sustainable materials.
  5. Handmade clothes, shoes and hats.
  6. Unique accessories and jewelry.
  7. Musical instruments and lighting devices.
  8. Crafts, actually souvenirs, amusing trinkets.
  9. Religious goods and decorative items.

If you are looking for Russian souvenirs, buying them will not be a problem. Choose from the variety!