Дятьковский Хрустальный завод / Crystal chess in a gift box

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Dyatkovo crystal - products of the Russian Dyatkovo crystal factory - are known all over the world. Its highly artistic products are recognizable and elegant. How did this brand come into being?

The store of Dyatkovo crystal

There are many surprising moments in the history of the famous manufacture. It was founded by a woman, which is unusual for the 18th century. Her son (Ivan Maltsov) not only developed the enterprise but created an entire industrial empire. After a trip around Europe, he bet with a friend that he would create products on his factories that would not be inferior in quality to the Czech ones.

Ivan Maltsov won the dispute, and buying Dyatkovo crystal became a cherished dream of the Russian aristocracy. The reason for the success lies in the combination of the latest technology and exclusively hand-decorated goods.

The masters of the factory created their own art school. Its popularity went beyond Russia and created many imitators.

Both then and now, the enterprise produces everything it needs. In the catalogs one can find dozens of items of Russian Dyatkovo crystal products: shot glasses, chandeliers, sets, decorations, statuettes, tableware.

Some of the goods are completely unique. At different times, the owners of the original products were:

  • Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy.
  • Vladimir Lenin.
  • Yuri Gagarin.
  • Fidel Castro.

Today small batches of Dyatkovo crystal are produced - vases, souvenirs, lamps, bowls, glassware. Exclusive products are also produced.

Buy Dyatkovo crystal

The products of this crystal factory are a benchmark of quality. The company has received dozens of awards at national and international competitions.

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