Дорого внимание / Tea pair "Warmth inside the cat", 170 ml

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Price 31.69 USD

Дорого внимание / Tea pair "Tiger", 170 ml

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Price 11.55 USD

Борисовская керамика / Cup "Elegant" with a saucer

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Price 21.06 USD

A ceramic bowl painted

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Price 11.7 USD

Ramekin "wildflowers" ceramic

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Price 11.7 USD

Sugar bowl ceramic "Piven"

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Price 17.55 USD

Ceramic salt shaker "Grouse"

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Price 11.7 USD

Ceramic salt shaker "wildflowers"

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Price 8.78 USD

Сольба / Pitcher ceramic with fruit

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Price 52.63 USD

Сольба / Tea Bank "wildflowers" ceramic

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Price 52.63 USD

Сольба / The milkman ceramic "Piven"

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Price 21.06 USD

Сольба / The milkman ceramic "wildflowers"

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Price 21.06 USD

Mug brew ceramic painted series "Petushki"

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Price 18.52 USD

Tea mug "Gift" of ceramics

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Price 15.6 USD

Сольба / Decorative vase "joy" ceramic painted series "wildflowers"

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Price 26.32 USD

Сольба / Ceramic coffee pot painted

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Price 35.09 USD

Сольба / Kettle ceramic "Gift"

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Price 52.63 USD

Сольба / Kettle ceramic "Piven"

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Price 63.16 USD

The tea pot ceramic painted

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Price 42.89 USD

Chara ceramic "Georgia" painted

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Price 11.7 USD

Борисовская керамика / Teapot "Elegant" No. 2 "

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Price 42.69 USD

Суздальский гончарный двор / Teapot "Sweet" with decor, 600 ml

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Price 51.27 USD

Суздальский гончарный двор / chicken coop

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Price 71.73 USD

Суздальский гончарный двор / Bowl №3 with decor and lid, 1 l

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Price 63.16 USD

Суздальский гончарный двор / Decorated swindler, 400 gr

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Price 20.47 USD

Суздальский гончарный двор / Pot "Rustic" with decor, 350 gr

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Price 102.34 USD

Суздальский гончарный двор / Brazier №2 with handles and decor, 2.7 l

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Price 81.87 USD

Тарусский художник / Tarusa artist / Fruit bowl on a leg

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Price 87.72 USD

Mankind has been using ceramics for thousands of years. In modern times, clay dishes compete with metal, wood and glass counterparts. It is produced using new technologies so that it becomes even better.

Why buy clay dishes?

The modern person expects from the tableware:

  • Functionality.
  • Practicality.
  • Safety.
  • Aesthetics.

A combination of these four qualities is found in clay crockery, you can buy it in three versions:

  • Faience.
  • Majolica.
  • Porcelain.

Each method has its secrets, they differ in the processing method, the mineral composition of the material and the price. A piece that is not glazed is much cheaper.

Benefits and advantages

In general, pottery is inexpensive, but its benefits do not stop there. Let's list the main ones:

  • Environmentally friendly. Clay as a natural element does not emit harmful substances when heated.
  • Possibility of storage directly in containers.
  • Authentic taste and aroma of food.
  • Ability to withstand heat. Clay dishes may be used not only for cooking, for example, in a pot, but also for baking and stewing.
  • Scratch resistance and good non-stick properties.

Zealous owners will surely appreciate one more advantage - clay dishes are durable. With proper care and careful use, it can be passed down from generation to generation as a rarity.

Pottery Shop

Why is pottery so good? The assortment of goods offered in offline stores and on the Internet is gigantic. There are plenty to choose from.

The price may be insignificant or only available to a select few. It depends on:

  1. materials used,
  2. the presence of decorative elements,
  3. manufacturing technology,
  4. manual work (e.g. painting).

Various pots and shapes, teapots and mugs, jugs and pots, vases and tureens, jars and whole clay dishes sets, plates and much more are available for purchase.

Order delivery of the selected product directly to your home. You can be sure of the quality - we work only with reliable suppliers and manufacturers.

Care Tips

For the purchased product to serve for a long time, you should adhere to simple and understandable rules:

  1. Avoid mechanical damage.
  2. Clean the items immediately after cooking.
  3. Avoid sudden temperature changes.

For the last point, simply place the pot or mold in a cold oven to heat up gradually.