Cutlery from Pavlovo, which the whole of Russia dreamed of buying in the 20th century, is available today in our online store. A small town on the Oka is famous for its huge factory. Currently, it is the largest manufacturer of artistic metalware in the country.

Kirov Cutlery Factory in Pavlovsk

The company has retained its historical name (Kirov). It is typical for its production of product lines under different price categories.

All of the raw materials used to make the items are of very high quality. They meet international standards.

You can buy cutlery from the Kirov Pavlovsky plant for everyday use. The cutlery is made of chromed or stainless steel. They are light, strong and durable.

Large restaurants choose silver cutlery sets from the Pavlovsk plant; you can also buy them for festive family events.

The manufacturer is famous for its exclusive series, gift sets. They include from 1 to 90 elements. Options are available:

  1. with artistic painting,
  2. with titanium enamel,
  3. painted and coated with titanium nitride,
  4. gilded.

There are no entirely gold spoons or forks. The fact is that gold is a very soft material. It is not suitable for permanent use.

You can also order name cutlery from the Pavlovsky factory.

Pavlovsky Cutlery Factory

In our catalog you will find kits:

  • dessert sets
  • salad sets
  • fish sets
  • tea sets
  • dining sets

In addition to the standard knife, fork and spoon, such sets include special items. These can be ladles, spatulas, tongs, sugar spoons, and fruit knives.

Virtually everything that Pavlovsk Cutlery Factory produces, Global Rus Trade has in our online store for sale.

With us you can not only buy premium quality accessories at an adequate price but also order delivery anywhere in the world.