Belomorskie patterns is a technique of painting on wood, clay, as well as embroidery. It is also a unique phenomenon. It is peculiar only to the Russian North.

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The main people living on the territory near the White Sea are the Pomors. Their economic activity was fundamentally different from the traditional Russian. They were skilled seafarers, fished and hunted walrus and whales.

The folk trades of this group were formed separately, almost without the influence of traditional Russian culture.

The coast of the White Sea - the modern Arkhangelsk region - is a place with a harsh climate and difficult living conditions. Therefore, art partly made up for it. The artwork and souvenirs from this region are very bright. The prevailing color is red, which symbolizes the sunrise.

In the motifs most often there are horses and birds. They are arranged in a strict order - in accordance with pagan tradition:

  1. The upper tier is filled with bird ornaments (the upper world).
  2. Horses or deers (representing the human world) are situated in the middle tier.
  3. Only symbols are depicted on the lower tier (the spirit world).

Within the general concept of the Belomorskie patterns, there are separate artistic schools. The most famous are:

  • Kargopolskaya,
  • Mezenskaya,
  • Olonetskaya.

For example, a Kargopol toy with White Sea patterns is one of the symbols of Russia, its cultural component.

Less known are the schools whose souvenirs have not gone on international sale. They are:

  1. Shenkur,
  2. Rakul
  3. Boretskaya

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Today the folk craft is almost completely transferred to factory production. The workshops were merged into the enterprise in 1968 The Factory of Belomorskie Uzory produces a full range of products:

  • Kargopol clay toys.
  • Patterned towels.
  • Knitwear.
  • Wooden crockery and handicrafts.
  • Traditional clothes of Pomorie peoples.

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