Тарусский художник / Tarusa artist / Fruit bowl on a leg

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Тарусский художник / Tarusa artist / Ceramic cache-pot 1.8 l

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Tarusa ceramics, its history - a completely unique phenomenon of Russian culture. The age of this craft and the material used in the work have created all-Russian fame for the production from Tarusa.

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In the tiny town of Tarusa on the bank of the Oka River, time seems to have stopped. There is no railroad to the town, and its one- and two-story houses are as if stuck in time, retaining all the features of the 18th century.

The folk craft itself, associated with painting burnt clay, appeared even earlier. In the 13th century near the city, in addition to limestone, found large reserves of clay. It was suitable for firing. It is the clay that distinguishes products from Tarusa - it is red in color.

But the international vocation of this folk art was already in the 20th century. Traditional artistic techniques were supplemented by modern technical solutions. Numerous workshops were abolished and a single factory appeared. On its basis, the "Research Institute of Artistic Industry" was established.

Today only a small part of the plant is in operation, but the production is alive and happy customers. The store of Russian ceramics from Tarusa offers the following products to choose from:

  1. cookware,
  2. kitchen utensils,
  3. wall and table panels,
  4. flower pots,
  5. sain mugs,
  6. decorative figurines, such as ceramic dolls.

Artists' products are steadily in demand as part of the modern trend for environmentally friendly products. Now it is easy to buy Russian ceramics and porcelains in the online store, choosing from the variety presented.

Online store of Tarusa ceramics

The company "Folk Art Trades - Tarusian Artist" is a direct heir of the plant. It continues the business, preserving traditions.

Characteristic features of this craft are:

  1. hand-painted,
  2. decorating products with paintings and engraving,
  3. blackening.

Blackening is a traditional way of clay processing. It dates back to the 13th century. Thanks to the use of this method in the pottery:

  • stays much more durable and strong;
  • holds water well - it does not spoil for a long time
  • looks very colorful, bright.

In the catalog of our online store you can find amazingly beautiful products from Tarusa and buy them as a gift for your loved ones.