What products can be found on GlobalRusTrade.com?

What products can be found on GlobalRusTrade.com?

GlobalRusTrade.com is an international marketplace for unique goods from Russia and other countries. Here you can find what you rarely find on other marketplaces – high-quality goods for home and comfort, products of famous folk crafts, handmade goods, healthy food and natural cosmetics from Russian regions, exclusive collaborations, rare collectibles, educational games for children, unique goods from other countries and much more .

At Global Rus Trade you can also order industrial goods and wholesale lots of products. If you want to place an order as a legal entity, we will help with the registration and logistics of wholesale supplies in Russia and the world.

I saw that you have a "Services " section . What can I find there?

The Global Rus Trade database contains more than 1000 services – legal, educational, banking, research, assistance in customs clearance of parcels and much more. If you like unique travel ideas, take a look at the "Tourism" section. There you will find author's tours in Russia and great deals from hotels.

How to place an order?

How to place an order?
  1. Select the products and click button "Add to cart".
  2. Go to the Cart section by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. There are two tabs in the Cart: "Buy now" and "For order", which appear depending on the added products.
  4. "Buy now" tab contains products that are in stock and can be paid online immediately.
  5. In the "Buy now" tab, click button "Go to checkout" and fill in the required personal data, select a delivery method and service. Then pay for the order through the payment widget by clicking button "Proceed to payment". It is safe - information is transmitted using SSL encryption technology.
  6. Goods contained in the "For order" tab require time to manufacture or are delivered under the order. Consequently, you place an order without instant payment and fill in the contact information for further communication.
  7. In the "For order" tab, click button "Go to checkout" and fill in the necessary personal data in the form for further communication on the order. Our managers will clarify the details and contact you using the information you have left.
  8. Our managers will process the order after you place it through the Cart.
  9. We will inform you about each stage using the specified contact information.
  10. We process orders every day from 10 am to 7 pm Moscow time (GMT +03: 00). If you have any difficulties when placing an order, write to info@globalrustrade.com or to the most convenient messenger for you.

How to place an order if there is an “Order” button on the product page?

On some product pages, you may see an "Order" button. This means that we need to check the availability of the goods with the supplier. Perhaps the product is made to order, the product is temporarily out of stock, or has not yet entered the online sale. This is often the case with collectibles and handicrafts.

In this case, click on the "Order" button and leave your details in the pop-up window – Global Rus Trade managers will contact the manufacturer and write to you about the availability of the goods and the final cost of delivery. After this you will be able to confirm the order.

We process orders every day from 10 am to 7 pm Moscow time (GMT +03: 00). If you have any difficulties when placing an order, please write to info@globalrustrade.com or in WhatsApp .

How to pay for an order?

You can pay for your order online using a bank card – through an electronic payment system. We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Mir. By paying for the order, you agree to the terms of the public Offer.

How is the security of online payment guaranteed?

The security of processing Internet payments is guaranteed by the PCI DSS international security certificate. Payment information and card details are not available to anyone except you and your service bank. Information is transmitted using SSL encryption technology.

How and when will the order be delivered?

Delivery takes from 2 to 14 working days on average – depending on the location of the goods and their availability in the warehouse.

If you are in Russia there are 4 main ways to receive an order from the Global Rus Trade marketplace:

  1. Delivery by courier service.
  2. Boxberry checkpoints and branches.
  3. Departments of the Russian Post.
  4. Free self-pickup from the office of Global Rus Trade in Moscow - Bersenevskaya embankment, 6с1.

Depending on the location of the goods, you may have access to all or several of the delivery methods. If you place an order through the shopping cart, the deadline and cost will be calculated automatically - you will see them when placing an order.

Return and exchange of goods

If you do not like the product, you can return it. This can be done at any time before it is handed over or within seven days of receiving it.

Please make sure that:

  • there are no traces of use on the product;
  • the presentation has been preserved;
  • the package is not damaged;
  • preserved consumer properties (including the expiration date);
  • you are returning the entire set of goods;
  • a document confirming the fact and conditions of the purchase of goods has been preserved.

The procedure for returning goods is regulated by Article 26.1 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". To return an item, send a message to order@globalrustrade.com . In the letter, indicate the order number, the name of the product and the reason for the return.

Some items are non-returnable. For example, products that have individually defined properties - that is, the product can be used exclusively by the person purchasing it.

If the goods have arrived damaged or defective, write to us in chat or email order@globalrustrade.com, and we will send instructions on how to return the money.