Зимнее волшебство / Doll "Santa Claus, in a blue fur coat, with a staff and a bag"

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Price 123.4 USD

Зимнее волшебство / Doll "Snow Maiden, chic"

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Price 146.45 USD

Сималенд / Musical doll "Fairy princess"

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Price 19.81 USD

Happy Valley / Classic doll "Lera confectioner"

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Price 25.71 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Girl-angel in fur boots"

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Price 75.03 USD

Зимнее волшебство / Doll "Santa Claus with a road trip and gifts"

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Price 67.49 USD

Зимнее волшебство / Doll "Santa Claus, with a bag and skis"

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Price 50.89 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Moosie in a skirt in a cage, in a pink vest-grass"

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Price 76.14 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Chick in a cap and a scarf in a cage"

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Price 42.66 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Moosie in a burgundy grass coat, in a cap with snowflakes"

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Price 89.51 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Oleshka in a skirt in a cage and a cap, a red vest"

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Price 95.22 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Santa Claus in a gold cap and a vest with sequins"

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Price 99.03 USD

Disney / Game set "Little fashionista"

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Price 51.42 USD

Disney / Game module "Kitchen in a suitcase", Frozen

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Price 95.18 USD

Disney / Beauty Studio Game Set, Frozen

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Price 91.03 USD

Disney / Magic Tea Party Game Set, Frozen

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Price 12.54 USD

Disney / Play set "Kitchenette", Frozen

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Price 18.1 USD

Disney / Game set "Fabulous tea party", Frozen

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Price 18.1 USD

Happy Valley / Doll model "Fashionista Katie", articulated

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Price 11.24 USD

Зимнее волшебство / Doll "Santa Claus, in a blue fur coat, with a staff and a ball"

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Price 238.27 USD

Зимнее волшебство / New Year's jester "In a red suit with patterns"

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Price 339.73 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Losyash in gray shorts and a pink cap"

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Price 86.84 USD

Сималенд / Interior doll "Santa Claus with a bag of gifts and ski poles"

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Price 91.41 USD

Hasbro / Doll "Sea Elsa" Frozen, Disney Frozen

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Price 121.23 USD

Арт Узор / Interior doll "Snowball"

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Price 45.71 USD

Happy Valley / Doll "Sea Princess", with light, MIX

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Price 15.7 USD

Buying dolls for your child is the task of any loving parent. After all, toys are not self-indulgence. Playing with them helps the child to develop, to realize his place in the world, to work out role models of behavior. This is necessary for his socialization and the development of communication skills.

Accessories for dolls

Our online store of baby dolls and accessories for them offers a wide range of baby products at a pleasant price with door-to-door delivery. We offer porcelain and wood, rag and plastic toys. It will be interesting for your child to play with beautiful, high-quality and safe products for months, if not years. Some models, however, require accuracy. They can be put on the shelf for beauty until the baby grows up.

In online stores, dolls and accessories are sold together or separately. You can buy accessories for your favourite doll: clothes or a crib, furniture and utensils for the toy house, or immediately buy a complete set.

Thus, the child will have a whole universe of objects that can be used to interact with the toy.

Interactive dolls

Parents or relatives who decide to buy dolls from an online store invariably pay attention to the interactive options. With them, the process of playing and interacting becomes even more interesting and educational. Looking at the catalog of an online store, you can immerse yourself in childhood for a short time, remember your beloved Katya or Olga, with whom you played at the age of 5-6.

To immerse in a role play with a doll your child will need some accessories. Now there is a unique opportunity to buy dolls in the store with a dozen items in a set.

  • Combs, and rubber bands to style your fashion doll's hair with accessories.
  • Diaper, pacifier, pot and crib to care for your baby doll.
  • A doctor's set to examine and treat a little patient.
  • A bath, shower and towel to wash your toy toddler.
  • Stroller, carrycot and carry bag for playing mother and daughter.
  • Sets of clothes, hats and shoes to change the toy.

In the online store, you can easily find dolls that can talk, sing, close and open their eyes, go to the toilet, cry and eat from a bottle. We are also happy to offer you to buy Russian dolls, wearing native Russian clothing. The child will play with them for hours!