Сималенд / Steam locomotive "Domino", with smoke

Vendor code

Price 42.17 USD

Сималенд / Locomotive "Domino", with accessories

Vendor code

Price 62.81 USD

Сималенд / Steam locomotive "Express"

Vendor code

Price 23.66 USD

Sluban / Constructor "Wedding bus", 379 parts

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Price 54.09 USD

ZABIAKA / Cognitive constructor "Constructions"

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Price 43.8 USD

UNICON / Construction set "Snow Castle", 62 parts

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Price 87.22 USD

UNICON / Constructor "New Year Stories", 178 parts

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Price 29.33 USD

UNICON / Constructor "New Year Stories", 158 parts

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Price 24.76 USD

Сималенд / Constructor "Happy New Year and Christmas", 936 parts

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Price 83.41 USD

Сималенд / Steam locomotive "Gears"

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Price 41.4 USD

Sluban / Constructor "Wedding limousine", 204 details

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Price 63.19 USD

UNICON / Constructor "Fairy Tale", 46 parts

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Price 86.92 USD

UNICON / Magnetic construction set, 65 pieces

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Price 125.31 USD

Сималенд / Steam locomotive inertial "Military", with tanks

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Price 32.23 USD

Сималенд / Steam locomotive "Domino", powered by batteries

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Price 33.9 USD

UNICON / New Year's construction set "Santa's Sleigh", 228 parts

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Price 64.29 USD

UNICON / Construction set "Christmas Park", 812 parts

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Price 180.49 USD

ZABIAKA / Dinosaur Constructor

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Price 16.76 USD

Десятое королевство / Wooden construction set "Lion, tiger, leopard"

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Price 30.13 USD

IQ-ZABIAKA / IQ-constructor "New Year's set", 62 parts

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Price 22.82 USD

Форма / Steam locomotive "Daisy"

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Price 53.29 USD

UNICON / Magnetic constructor, 38 parts

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Price 94.46 USD

IQ-ZABIAKA / Gear set "New Year", 81 parts

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Price 14.78 USD

Сималенд / Parking "Headquarters" in a backpack

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Price 87.49 USD

Sluban / Constructor "Wedding House", 398 details

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Price 54.47 USD

Sluban / Constructor "Wedding ceremony", 353 details

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Price 49.14 USD

UNICON / Magnetic construction set, 14 parts

Vendor code

Price 43.8 USD

IQ-ZABIAKA / IQ-constructor "New Year's set", 37 parts

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Price 25.71 USD

IQ-ZABIAKA / Cubes-constructor "New Year's stories"

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Price 25.87 USD

Hobby day / Roombox "Postcard frame" Long live love! "

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Price 26.28 USD

Hobby day / Roombox "Summer dream"

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Price 79.6 USD

Hobby day / Roombox "Way to the stars"

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Price 79.6 USD

Hobby day / Roombox "Postcard frame" Be in trend! "

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Price 26.28 USD

Hobby day / Roombox "Blue Dream"

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Price 113.88 USD

Hobby day / Roombox "Ecoloft"

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Price 79.6 USD

Hobby day / Roombox "Mango smoothie"

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Price 38.05 USD

Construction sets for children are one of the most popular game systems. They gained popularity due to the versatile properties of this toy. You can find a set for a child of virtually any age. The constructor will effectively ensure the development of a toddler who is just admitted to kindergarten or school. There are kits for babies from six months.

Magnetic constructors

If you decide to buy a construction set for children, the question arises - which one to choose? There are many good sets that can develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking. There is a huge selection in online stores. You can also purchase goods inexpensively and order delivery. So how do you decide on the type?

It is now popular to choose a magnetic construction set - it has many valuable qualities:

  1. Safety, practicality and durability.
  2. It is bright, many different combinations can be assembled.
  3. With an older child, you can discuss the properties of magnets.

It is more convenient to buy constructors for kids in the online store - you can view several options. Magnetic sets, like ordinary ones, differ in the number of parts and colors, the shape of the parts. In the offline store, you can see only those that are on display. Here you have all the variety.

For the first acquaintance, you can choose square or triangular parts in small quantities. Then buy a set with hexagons and octagons, expand the field for activities.

Kids like magnetic constructors very much - now they are bought not only at home but also in kindergartens. From them, you can collect houses and abstract balls, animals and rockets, cars and whole castles, stars and hearts.

Online store of constructors

Modern manufacturers are closely following trends. Now you can buy constructors for children with ready-made parts:

  • Wheels, cars, boats, doors and windows;
  • Animals, vegetation, small dolls;
  • Furniture and lighting fixtures;
  • Famous cartoon characters.

Children love to build whole cities with constructional toys, play doll houses, play family life, move little people along the roads and rooms. So buying construction sets online is a task that any parent will sooner or later face. For kids, simple blocks are suitable (there are not plastic, but soft ones), for older children - whole constructed universes.

If a child has asked for such a set, it is much more profitable to buy it on the Internet at a nice price. And with the money saved, buy another one with a different theme!