TENTH KINGDOM / Fashion Girl Magnetic Game

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Price 18.67 USD

TENTH KINGDOM / Magnetic game "Dress Up. Lisa"

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Price 16.57 USD

TENTH KINGDOM / Magnetic game "What should I wear?"

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Price 24 USD

BUDI BASA / Game set "Mini Basik New discoveries"

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Price 39.61 USD

BUDI BASA / Play set "Mini Basik Bright colors"

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Price 39.61 USD

BUDI BASA / Play set "Mini Basik Summer walk"

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Price 39.61 USD

BUDI BASA / Play set "Mini Li-Li Crimson mood"

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Price 39.61 USD

BUDI BASA / Play set "Mini Li-Li Merry notes"

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Price 39.61 USD

BUDI BASA / Play set "Mini Li-Li Little secrets"

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Price 39.61 USD

BUDI BASA / Magnetic game "Bunny Mi"

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Price 36.19 USD

BUDI BASA / Magnetic game "Basik"

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Price 36.19 USD

KNOPA / Game set "SuperMaster"

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Price 57.1 USD

KNOPA / Cheat meal set

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Price 17.52 USD

KNOPA / Assassin Weapon Pack

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Price 10.06 USD

ГеоДом / GEODOM / Game set "Traveler's suitcase. Great Around the World"

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Price 52.53 USD

TENTH KINGDOM / Play set "tools"

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Price 46.13 USD

TENTH KINGDOM / Play set "tools large"

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Price 58.92 USD

KNOPA / Game set "Beauty Salon"

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Price 71.99 USD

KNOPA / Set of "figures" Pets "

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Price 4.99 USD

MIEREDU / Magnetic game "Mad Monsters"

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MIEREDU / Magnetic game "Scientist of genius"

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Price 16 USD

KRASNOKAMSKAYA TOY / Set "Characters of the fairy tale Geese-swans"

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Price 30.47 USD

KNOPA / Bogatyr weapon set

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Price 19.89 USD

VLADI TOYS / Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Theater

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Price 26.74 USD

ВЕСНА / SPRING / Finger Theater "Heroes of Favorite Poems"

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ВЕСНА / SPRING / Finger theater "Luntik"

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BIPLANT / Game set "1291 Year of the capture of the fortress"

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BIPLANT / Game set "Partisans"

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BIPLANT / Game set "Checkpoint"

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KRASNOKAMSKAYA TOY / Set "Heroes of Russian Fairy Tales"

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KRASNOKAMSKAYA TOY / Set "Characters from the fairy tale Chicken Ryaba"

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BIPLANT / Game set "Search squad"

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BIPLANT / Antiterror game set

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KRASNOKAMSKAYA TOY / Set "Characters of the fairy tale Wolf and seven kids (kart.kor.)"

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Price 35.42 USD

KRASNOKAMSKAYA TOY / Set "Characters of the fairy tale Three little pigs (kart.kor.)"

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Price 30.47 USD

Buying role-playing toys for kids is a request that parents get by the time child is 2-2.5 years old. By this age, the baby's brain has developed so much that he can mentally animate toys and begins to try on different roles.

Buy role-playing games

Psychologists have long proved that this stage is necessary for the harmonious development of a child of preschool and primary school age. The child's brain is designed in such a way that it forms new neural connections and learns concepts in the process of playing.

Therefore, you should definitely buy role-playing games in the store. They develop imagination, form an understanding of the world, and improve social and communication skills.

All children are different, and children's role-playing games are also different from each other; it makes sense to buy the first toy that implies a plot when your kid reaches about one and a half years. Let the baby get to know it. But, probably, he will begin to actively play with the toy only when he is about two years old with your active participation and by three the child will play already on his own, without the help of his parents. The game skill also needs to be developed, showing by example how to interact with an object, how to fill it with meaning and animate.

Role-play toys for boys and girls

Modern toy shops offer a huge variety of role-play toys for children. When choosing, it is worth proceeding from family values, the interest of the child and the future qualities that you want him to obtain. Products are manufactured in various categories:

  • A set of dishes and a set for a tea party,
  • Kitchen utensils and musical instruments,
  • Household appliances and toys that can be changed
  • Toy guns and toy food, whole mobile tables,
  • A set of a seller or doctor, carpenter or hairdresser,
  • Puppet theater and soldiers, characters from fairy tales and cartoons.

Buying role-playing toys for children means starting to develop creativity in them, helping to build logical chains and understand cause and effect. This means giving them the opportunity to transform into a pirate or secret agent, doctor or farmer, cook or mother for a baby doll.

This is useful for your kid and pleasant for you because acting out roles and imagining plots will captivate your child for a long time.