ЛАС ИГРАС / Board game "Scrabwood. New Year"

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Price 54.61 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Divination cards "Tarot", 78 cards

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Price 15.82 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Scrying runes "Classic"

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Price 22.7 USD

ECSTAS / Game for two "50 shades of passion. New Year's edition" 7in1

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Price 78.64 USD

ArtFox / A Terrible Party Set: Diary, Shaped Bubble Ball, and Soap

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Price 17.89 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Board game "Okavoka! New Year", 90 cards

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Price 47.69 USD

Puzzle / Figured puzzle "Towards the magic"

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Price 31.18 USD

Gaga Games / Board game "Viennese connection"

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Price 229.21 USD

Сималенд / Board game "Military battle"

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Price 63.74 USD

Лас Играс KIDS / Board puzzle game "Once Upon a Time in the Arctic"

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Price 40.81 USD

IQ-ZABIAKA / Tactile Lotto "Touch the New Year"

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Price 22.43 USD

Сималенд / Santa Claus slide educational toy

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Price 66.49 USD

Puzzle / Figured puzzle "Happy New Year, earthlings!"

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Price 31.18 USD

Gaga Games / Board game "Through the ages"

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Price 357.23 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / New Year's guessing game "Who am I?" 3in1, 10+

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Price 73.64 USD

Сималенд / Board game 2 in 1 "Cossacks": checkers, backgammon, board

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Price 45.81 USD

Лас Играс KIDS / Electric quiz "New Year"

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Price 34.16 USD

Сималенд / Gift backgammon "Coat of arms"

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Price 151.27 USD

Сималенд / Gift backgammon "Russia"

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Price 137.51 USD

Лас Играс KIDS / Board game-adventure "Polar Marathon"

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Price 32.05 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Game "Book of Changes" + ancient Tibetan fortune telling Mo

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Price 20.87 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / New Year's game with pictures "Who am I?"

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Price 47.69 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / New Year's with the words "Who am I?"

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Price 47.69 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Board game "What do you say, Happy New Year"

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Price 42.46 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Economic game "MONEY POLYS. Winter city"

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Price 36.32 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Board game "Find and Show! New Year", 3+

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Price 59.79 USD

ЛАС ИГРАС / Economic game "MONEY POLYS. Santa Claus Factory", 10+

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Price 59.24 USD

Автоград / Railway "Happy New Year"

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Price 91.94 USD

Автоград / Railway "Happy New Year"

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Price 113.26 USD

Лас Играс KIDS / Lucky board game "Penguin Game"

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Price 36.23 USD

Автоград / Railway "Parcel from Santa Claus"

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Price 46.73 USD

Автоград / Railway "Happy New Year"

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Price 57.82 USD

Автоград / Railway "Fairy Express"

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Price 67.59 USD

Автоград / Railway "New Year's train"

Vendor code

Price 45.17 USD

Десятое королевство / Board game-mini "Tank battle"

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Price 23.62 USD

Десятое королевство / Board game "Tank battle"

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Price 40.35 USD

Dressing up dolls, rolling cars, playing in the sandbox - it's hard for parents to immerse themselves in all this. Board games for children provide a unique opportunity for the whole family to gather at the table and play something that will be interesting not only for the child.

Board games for the whole family

Buying family board games is a great opportunity to join your son or daughter while playing. They captivate older brothers and sisters, moms and dads, grandparents. What is included in this concept?

  • Dominoes, loto, chess and checkers,
  • Backgammon, mahjong and playing cards,
  • Basketball, hockey, football and billiards,
  • Sea battle and dice roll adventure.

If you decide to buy board games online, there is a huge variety of options open to you. Some are suitable for preschool children, some will be interesting to play even with teenagers.

In addition, here you can order delivery from all over the world literally to your doorstep. Online stores are also famous for their pleasant prices (there is no lease of retail space - no need to artificially inflate the cost of products).

Buying board games for kids in an online store means being confident in the quality and safety of the goods. Allow yourself to play with your child with pleasure: not because it is necessary, but because you yourself are interested!

Educational board games

The modern market of products for children has not ignored the section of educational and developmental items and toys.

Our online store with board games presents:

  1. inserts, cubes and knockers;
  2. tactile lotto and string art;
  3. speech therapy loto and fishing toys;
  4. houses with accessories and smart puzzles;
  5. mosaics and games aimed at developing memory;
  6. mazes and magnetic boards.

Some products will suit the smallest, some will be a good help in teaching a preschooler. You can buy special items to playfully learn polite words, animals, emotions and English. With the help of others, you can easily show your kid the numbers and the alphabet, explain how to use the clock or calendar.

Roll the dice and walk to the finale, glue magnets to the tablet, draw lines and explore the world with your child!