Сашель / Extraordinary natural oil "Spectonik" Thin and strong in capsules, No. 30 * 0.5 g

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Minimum order amount for the supplier 15.62 USD

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The native complex of larch sponge, ginger root and safflower - promotes an intensive decrease in body weight, body fat, activates the processing and excretion of fats. The native complex of goji fruits and tuberous sunflower root - helps to cleanse the digestive system and lymph from toxic substances of excess fats, normalizes metabolic processes, restores the energy potential of the body. Native complex of amaranth seeds and Indian rice - normalizes the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals from food, helps to restore the intestinal microflora, restores immunity, body tone, physical and mental activity, prevents the formation of cellulite, puffiness, restores the elasticity of the skin and muscles, corrects the silhouette of the figure. Ingredients: oil of pine nut kernels, chanterelle fruit body, larch sponge, ginger root, safflower seeds, bean shells,
Package quantity - 30;
Appointment of food additives - For weight loss;
Group of vitamins
The form of release of food additives - Capsules;


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