Алтэя / Stone oil "Cleansing the body" with milk thistle, pumpkin and marsh grass, 30 capsules, 500 mg each

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Stone oil has pronounced wound healing, antibacterial, antitumor properties, as a result of which it is recommended in the treatment of stomatitis, otitis media, diabetes, pleurisy, cataracts, prostatitis, intestinal disorders, colitis, ulcers, cystitis, and kidney diseases. Milk thistle weakens the effect of substances that induce liver necrosis or cirrhosis, lowers blood lipids, promotes liver regeneration, and removes excess fluid and toxins from the body. Common pumpkin promotes the elimination of cholesterol from the body and is an excellent diuretic, it also promotes the absorption of food and improves salt metabolism. Solyanka hill improves the redox processes in the liver, has a powerful effect of protection against hepatitis. The components of the marsh salsa prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, cleanse the vessels, and provide the prevention of atherosclerosis. Ingredients: stone oil, milk thistle
Package quantity - 30;
Prescription of food additives - For the liver and pancreas;
The form of release of food additives - Capsules;


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