Алтэя / Cedar oil "Alteya", 100 ml

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Pine nut oil has long been called a cure for a hundred diseases. It is perfectly absorbed by the body, rich in vitamins and microelements. It contains 5 times more vitamin E than olive oil. Vitamin E is often referred to as the procreation vitamin. Regular intake of cedar nut oil helps to normalize hormonal levels and reproductive function, and during pregnancy protects the growing fetus from the negative effects of the environment. Cedar nut oil is rich in vitamin P, which helps to lower blood cholesterol, cleanses arteries and vascular walls from plaque. The oil is good for children. Its regular use helps a growing body to develop properly. Natural pine nut oil is obtained from selected Altai pine nut kernels by cold pressing. This method allows you to preserve all the biological value of pine nuts. Indications: relieves the effects of stress; normalizes
Prescription of food supplements - For the immune system;
Appointment of food additives - For energy and tone of the body;
Volume, l - 0.1;
Form of release of food additives - Oil


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