Оргтиум / B.WELL / Irradiator-recirculator bactericidal Ultra Light 120 m3 / hour

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Cocoa butter has a persistent recognizable chocolate aroma, because it is it that is its main component, it is a fatty substance of light yellow (whitish) color. At normal temperature (22 - 27 ° C) cocoa butter is hard and brittle, and at a temperature of 32 - 36 ° C it is liquid, that is, its melting point is lower than the temperature of the human body. Therefore, cocoa butter melts easily and also melts quickly in the mouth without residual waxy aftertaste. Cocoa butter is a whole complex of vitamins, microelements, proteins, phytosterols, polyphenols, mono- and polysaccharides - natural sources of good health and vitality. The use of cocoa (both grated and butter) promotes cell regeneration, has anti-allergenic and antioxidant properties. Composition: Fat content of cocoa butter, percentage: 99.90%. Cocoa butter moisture percentage: 00.10%. Free fatty acids: 1.75 (IOCCC 120: 1993). TO
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