Euro 5 and SBTSTS Euro 5 and SBTSTS

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The Euro environmental certificate until recently was a document showing that the car in respect of which it was issued meets the current environmental standards and, therefore, does not emit a large amount of pollutants into the atmosphere. Certificate of Euro (detailed information): To receive the Euro certificate was necessary until the end of 2014. for cars imported from abroad to the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. In the absence of this document, used cars were delayed at the border, as they were not issued an official permit for import. Today, motor transport is the main source of environmental pollution, so it is very important to control the amount of harmful gases produced by each vehicle. So, the current Euro 5 eco-standard presupposes the following norms: CO up to 0.8 g / km, SN to 0.05 g / km and NO4 to 0.06 g / km, and the mileage of the vehicle during which these norms should to be carried out, was increased in comparison with the standard of Euro 4 from 80 thousand km to 160 thousand km. The first Euro standards were soft enough, so they did not meet the standards, the implementation of which supports a favorable ecological situation. Gradually, the Euro standard became tougher. Thus, the Euro 5 - the most progressive and relevant to date, the standard. Since 2015g. The EAEC Technical Regulations regulating wheeled transport began to operate. According to him, now, with respect to all cars, it is necessary to compile another mandatory permit - vehicle safety design certificate (SBCT). New SBCT document: The vehicle safety design certificate indicates that the design of the declared vehicle is flawless (safe to operate). SBCT contains a lot of data about the car, including its eco-class, in connection with this, the registration of the certificate of the Euro is now not required. Obtaining SBKTS (safety certificate of vehicle construction) is required, first of all, for those who import cars into the ЕАЭС - without this permission it is impossible to pass customs inspection. Such a document is intended for vehicles imported from abroad for personal use and previously not registered in the Customs Union. SBTS: how to make up? - If you are planning to get a safety certificate for your vehicle, instead of going through a huge number of instances and spending a lot of time and money, you'd better seek help from a Rosstandart certification center. At us it is possible to define ecological class of the car and in due time and cheaply to receive SBTSTS. What documents do you need to transfer to the certification authority in order to receive the SBTSTS? - You can find out from the experts of Rosstandart. In any case, you will need to apply for certification, constituent documentation, technical passport for the car, etc. In the process of collecting documents, pay attention to: * The data specified in the vehicle data sheet (issue date, VIN code and other characteristics) must be well printed and easy to read. To find out exactly how you can get the SBCT specifically for your car, contact the staff of Rosstandart (free advice).