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The ISO 14001 certificate is issued to certify that the company has implemented and successfully operates the ISO 14001 standards system. This quality management system contains the norms of environmental safety of production processes. Certificate ISO 14001 (GOST R ISO 14001-2016) is a binding document? - No, the implementation of the QMS and the receipt of a certificate of compliance is a voluntary process that can be performed only at the will of the entrepreneur. However, there are reasons why its introduction is quite popular today. Among them we can distinguish: * Strengthening the market position by increasing both the investment attractiveness of the company, and by improving the environmental safety of production; * Ability to export products to international markets (in many developing and developed countries such an authorization document is mandatory); * High probability of receiving a state order; * Advantages at participation in tenders and competitions; * Much more. What does the ISO 14001 certificate give? First of all you get: * Its own policy in the environmental field; * Individual action plan, according to the chosen policy; * Implementation and continuous improvement of ISO standards; * Constant monitoring of the work of the enterprise and correct correction of its work; * Demonstration of results and continuous growth. How to get ISO 14001 certification (GOST R ISO 14001-2016)? - To get a certificate, you should contact Rosstandart specialists and go through several successive stages, in particular: * Filling out an application and submitting it to our employees along with a pool of necessary documentation. * Consultation on all issues of interest to you. * Adaptation of the standard and introduction of eco-management. * Check the functionality of QMS in the enterprise; * Execution and issue of an ISO certificate Documentation It is necessary to prepare: * OGRN and TIN of your company, * constituent documents, * requisites; * Description of the field of activity; * Other (please check the complete list with our specialists). Please, contact us for more detailed information about ISO 14001 certification (ISO 14001-2016) and other ISO documents. We remind that all consultations of our specialists are free of charge.