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Approval of the type of vehicle is a document that regulates the import and export of wheeled vehicles from Russia. The certificate of conformity of OTTS to the car legally certifies the accuracy and safety of the following indicators: * The level of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere (not less than EURO-4); * Hydraulic equipment (when importing dump trucks); * Quality of seat belts, headlights and warning systems (alarms); * Noise level (both external and internal); * Quality of brake units and vehicle system. Is it obligatory to carry out the approval of the vehicle and receive the certificate of TTC? - Yes, the issuance of the OTTC certificate is mandatory and without an up-to-date document, it is impossible to import and manufacture new cars in the EAES. Where can I approve the type of vehicle and obtain the appropriate permit? - You can obtain a certificate from OTTC in accredited certification centers. Our specialists will help you to quickly calculate the cost of any document and assist at all stages of the quality assessment. In order to conduct an OTTC, it is necessary to provide the following: * Declaration of safety; * Information on the location of the safety and quality management system; * Covering letter; * Letter of guarantee; * International manufacturer's code; * Manual; * HS code of foreign trade activities; * TIN and OGRN; * Addresses of factories of car manufacturers; * Certificates for additional equipment; * Protocols of the tests, as well as a general description of the technical condition of the vehicle. To obtain a vehicle type approval certificate, please contact our specialists. All consultations in our center are free of charge.