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When importing / exporting products, you will need a certificate of origin - a document indicating the country in which the goods were manufactured. The country of origin will be the one in which the product was completely manufactured or subjected to substantial processing (processing). Such a certificate is given to the customs authorities. The certificate of origin is one of the few such documents, the registration of which can bring your company obvious benefits almost immediately - it allows you to get certain benefits when paying customs tariffs (in some cases - up to 100%). The existence of such a document is not an obligatory condition, however, most entrepreneurs form it on their own. If you are an exporter of products - for the preparation of a certificate, contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the place of registration of your enterprise or directly to the center of Rosstandart. Importers for drawing up a certificate of origin should contact the same authorities and organizations in the countries of origin of the products imported to Russia. To get such a document can be problematic: * because of elementary ignorance of the addresses of such organizations, * language barrier, * remoteness and * Many other factors. To simplify and speed up the entire certification procedure, please contact the experts of Rosstandart. Here you will receive assistance in collecting the package of necessary documents and preparing the relevant application. And after drawing up the certificate of origin, Rosstandart specialists will conduct legal support before the product is imported into Russia or delivered to the trading network. Types of certificate: There is an opportunity to order a certificate of origin of different types: * For non-CIS states, including European countries, Japan, the United States, Canada and others (Form A, grants the right to benefits in respect of customs duties and value-added taxes). Since the beginning of 2014 this certificate has been completely abolished, therefore its registration is currently impossible; * For CIS countries (form CT-1, grants the right to 100% customs privilege); * For the export of goods from Russia to Serbia, entrepreneurs form a document form CT-2, which grants the right to receive customs preferences (minimum customs duty); * Certificate of origin of the general form (compiled in all other cases); * Certificate of origin of products from furs. Rules of registration: Experts of the Rosstandart Center themselves will submit documents for the examination of the origin of the goods, according to which the certificate of origin of goods is issued. It will be enough for you only to decide which act you need: * One-time, for ordering one certificate (costs less), or * annual, on the basis of which it will then be possible to order certificates of origin for identical products an unlimited number of times. To order an annual certificate of expertise you have a sense in the event that you plan to export ("import") the goods repeatedly. In the center of certification "Rosstandart" you can order an examination report for all products produced by your enterprise, and on its basis to issue an origin certificate for each batch.