Палех / Palekh / Box "By the pike's command", 17 * 8 cm, master Morozov

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The box "At the pike's command" is a handmade work made by the master Morozov for fairy tales. The name of the box speaks for itself. The characters of the fairy tale are depicted in jewelry on the front of the box: in the center of the picture, the carefree Emelya is sitting on her stove, surrounded by surprised people. In the background, the master depicted a classic block-stone house of Ancient Russia and a snow-white church. The artist conveyed the emotion of every person in this picture, the work is executed in the style of Russian painting. The process of creating Palekh papier-mâché boxes is quite painstaking. After drawing the picture on a special enamel, all details of the picture are framed with gold leaf, therefore unique Palekh products are produced in a single copy. The traditional craftsmanship of the ancient icon painting of Palekh was combined with the art of everyday objects, forming a new type of decorative art - Palekh lacquer miniature. The rich experience of icon painting with its linearity and patterned turned into decorative and applied art. Absolutely all products of the association are copyrighted, on each of them the name of the artist is indicated in gold. All works of the enterprise are evaluated by the Art Council, are protected by a trademark and have a quality certificate, which makes it possible to distinguish them from all kinds of fakes and other low-quality products. Shelf-life Unlimited Service life: not limited Country of Origin: Russia Dimensions with packaging (Length * Width): 17 cm * 8 cm

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