Палех / Box "Milk of a young man" 24x11x4 cm, author Tsyganova

Vendor code

Price 2,292.56 USD

Палех / Box "Golden Cockerel" 8x8.5x7 cm, author Bogdanov

Vendor code

Price 1,273.65 USD

Палех / Box "Vasilisa" 12x8 cm, author Tsyganova

Vendor code

Price 815.14 USD

Палех / Box "Firebird" 12x8 cm, author Terentyeva

Vendor code

Price 397.38 USD

Палех / Box "Fairy tale" 14x9.5 cm, author Terentyev

Vendor code

Price 193.6 USD

Палех / Box "Troika" 14x10 cm, author Gonchar A.S.

Vendor code

Price 478.89 USD

Палех / Casket "Tsar Saltan" 12x8 cm, author Terentyeva OV

Vendor code

Price 448.33 USD

Палех / Box "Falconry" 12x8 cm, author Volkov D.

Vendor code

Price 810.04 USD

Палех / Box "Marya Morevna" 12x8 cm, author Tsyganova O.

Vendor code

Price 917.03 USD

Палех / Casket "Alice in Wonderland" by Kornilov

Vendor code

Price 4,992.69 USD

Палех / Palekh / Casket "Lel"

Vendor code

Price 305.68 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "Seasons"

Vendor code

Price 351.53 USD

Палех / Palekh / Casket "Troika", master Gavrilov

Vendor code

Price 611.35 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "Gray wolf", master Lukina

Vendor code

Price 534.94 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "Winter", master Chaparina

Vendor code

Price 1,222.7 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "Fair", master Mayevskaya

Vendor code

Price 713.25 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "Winter", 10 * 8 cm, master Lukina

Vendor code

Price 550.22 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "Troika", 6 * 5 cm, master Kuzmenko

Vendor code

Price 275.11 USD

Палех / Palekh / Business card holder, 9 * 7 * 3 cm, Bydanov

Vendor code

Price 917.03 USD

Палех / Palekh / Casket "Scarlet Sails", master Zhiryakov

Vendor code

Price 2,547.29 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "Date", 6 * 5 cm, master Kuzmenko

Vendor code

Price 275.11 USD

Палех / Palekh / Casket "Troika"

Vendor code

Price 280.21 USD

Палех / Palekh / Casket "Snow Maiden", master Bogatinov

Vendor code

Price 133.74 USD

Палех / Palekh / Casket "Crimean fantasies", master Burdakov

Vendor code

Price 3,311.48 USD

Палех / Palekh / Box "By the pike's command", 17 * 8 cm, master Morozov

Vendor code

Price 453.42 USD

Палех / Palekh / Casket "Masquerade Ball", 34 * 25 * 8.5, master Zhiryakov

Vendor code

Price 5,094.58 USD

Художники Палеха / Box "Views of Moscow"

Vendor code

Price 2,037.83 USD

Художники Палеха / Casket "Saint Petersburg"

Vendor code

Price 4,814.38 USD

Художники Палеха / Box "Moscow, Kremlin"

Vendor code

Price 1,324.59 USD

Художники Палеха / Box "Moscow", oval

Vendor code

Price 114.63 USD

Художники Палеха / Box "Winter Moscow"

Vendor code

Price 91.71 USD

Художники Палеха / Box "Moscow", gold ornament

Vendor code

Price 106.99 USD

Художники Палеха / Casket "St. Petersburg"

Vendor code

Price 117.18 USD

Художники Палеха / Jewelry box "Stone flower"

Vendor code

Price 534.94 USD

Художники Палеха / Box "Irises"

Vendor code

Price 147.75 USD

Painted wooden boxes can find their place in almost every home. They are useful for storing jewelry, little precious things, cosmetics or sewing kits.

Palekh lacquer boxes

Craft Palekh painting is an amazing combination of old and new in art. Before the Great October Revolution, the workshops of artists from Palekh did not make household items. Instead, the masters were engaged in icon painting and painted the churches' interiors.

During the Soviet era, the history of Palekh painting has drastically changed. The workshops have been reoriented to the production of miniatures, cosmetic sets, decorative trays and boxes.

Techniques typical for icon painting have been preserved:

  • Products have a subtle rendering of all details.
  • Character is visible in the characters' faces.
  • Of the colors, white and gold predominate in various variations.
  • Background - black or brown.

Russian Palekh lacquer box painting usually has a plot. The scenes depict the Russian folklore stories - epics and fairy tales, as well as the labor activity of the people. The technology for making products from Palekh has not changed over a century. Only a small part of the processes have been automated. Painting of lacquer boxes is done by the hands of Russian artists from Palekh - it requires serious skill and a lot of time.

  • Only squirrel brushes are used for painting in this folk craft.
  • The varnish is applied in 5 or 10 layers.
  • Black, red and colorless varnish is applied multiple times.
  • The lacquered surface is polished to a mirror finish.
  • Egg yolk is added to paints using traditional technology.

All this makes the products of the village of Palekh - painted lacquer jewelry boxes, powder boxes, trays and wall miniatures - unique and luxurious.

Buy Palekh painting

To buy products from Palekh means to join the great Russian culture in all its diversity.

The appearance of the Palekh box and the price for it allow you to present such an unusual gift to the newlyweds or to the birthday person.

Palekh masters have always made very high quality and durable crafts. With careful handling, even your grandchildren will be able to use the goods purchased from us.