ЛАС ИГРАС / Board game "Scrabwood. New Year"

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Composition: Paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles;
Materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles;
Certificate: EAC;
Age: From 10 years old;
Holiday theme: New Year;
Material: Cardboard, Plastic, Paper, Textile;
Number of players: 2 players, 2 - 4 players;
Game genre: Verbal and numerical, Family;
Number of players: 2 - 4 Word-making board game! How to spend New Year's holidays in an interesting, and most importantly, useful way? It's very simple: play Scrabwood with the whole family! This game is based on the principle of a crossword puzzle, in which you need to form words vertically and horizontally. Victory points are earned for each word. Fold letters into words, expand your vocabulary and have fun! How to play? You will find chips in the kit. Each of them has a letter and a numerical designation that indicates the number of points that the participant receives for using the letter. The set also includes blank tokens that can be used in place of any letter, but they do not give extra points. The game also has a playing field. There is a central square on it, from which you should always start laying out the first word in the game. In addition to the usual cells, there are cells with special values that increase the points for words. The task of the participants is to score as many points as possible. And this can be done by composing words according to the principle of a crossword puzzle. The game ends in one of three cases: 1. All the chips in the bag run out, and from those that remained on the stands, it is no longer possible to form words. 2. There are no other possible ways to form words. 3. All participants missed the move 2 times. The participants then calculate the points obtained during the game. The one who scored the most wins! Inside you will find: * playing field, * 104 chips, * 4 stands for chips, * a bag for storing chips, * rules of the game. Celebrate the New Year with LAS IGRAS!


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