Лас Играс KIDS / Lucky board game "Penguin Game"

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Composition: Plastic;
Materials: plastic;
Certificate: ЕАС;
Age: From 4 years old;
Holiday theme: New Year;
Material: Plastic;
Number of players: 2 - 4 players;
Playing time: 20 minutes;
Game genre: 3D-Action;
Number of players: 2 - 4 Assemble the playing field according to the instructions, choose a family of penguins and put them in a corner of 4 cells. Then the players take turns: roll the dice and move one penguin per turn by as many cells clockwise as the dice dropped out. Then the turn goes to the next player. Your goal is to lead all the penguins in a circle and put them on the cells near the cube. But be careful - try not to hit the slippery bridges! If your penguin at the end of the turn remains on two large cells of the bridge - on ice - he may fall! Now other players passing through the same cell can push your penguin under the bridge. If your penguin falls off a bridge, it should return to its original position and start over. It is possible to bring it back into the game only when 6 points fall out on the die. The player who placed all their penguins in their places first is the winner.


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