ЛАС ИГРАС / Economic game "MONEY POLYS. Santa Claus Factory", 10+

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Composition: Paper, cardboard, plastic;
Materials: paper, cardboard, plastic;
Certificate: EAC;
Age: From 10 years old;
Symbol of the year: None;
Holiday theme: New Year;
Addressee: Grandson / Granddaughter, Daughter, Son;
Age: Teenage;
Material: Paper, Plastic, Cardboard;
Number of players: 2 players, 4 - 6 players, 2 - 4 players;
Game genre: Economic, Family;
Reason for playing: New Year, Holiday;
Skills development: Counting, Attention, Logic;
Number of players: 2 - 6;
Material: Cardboard Economic game for the whole family Exciting and beloved economic game Money Polys in a new version. Today you can not only go to the Santa Claus factory, but also become its owner. Develop a strategy for obtaining currency - Good Deeds - and become the richest businessman! How to play? Participants will have to roll the dice and move their chips forward as many fields as they have on the dice. The field where the player's piece stops will determine what to do. * If you settled on free property, you can buy it or put it up for auction. * If you are staying on a field that belongs to another participant, you must pay the rent at the rate indicated on the owner's card. * There are also other symbols on the playing field that must be taken into account. For example, pay a fine, draw a card from the "Cache" or "Time of Miracles" deck and do what is written there. As soon as the player has the property of one color group, he can expand his business, taking on the production of little helpers of Santa Claus. Having little helpers will increase the rent that can be collected from players staying at your property. If a player has recruited four small assistants for one property, he can exchange them all for one large one by paying the amount indicated on the owner's card. Anyone who has run out of money is declared bankrupt and is out of the game. The game ends when only one participant remains in it, and all the others are eliminated. This player becomes the winner and the most calculating entrepreneur! Inside you will find: * playing field, * 28 cards of the owner, * 16 cards "Cache", * 16 cards "Time of Miracles", * 32 figures of little helpers of Santa Claus, * 12 figures of big helpers of Santa Claus, * 6 chips of players, * 2 game dice, * 210 bills, * game rules. Celebrate the New Year with LAS IGRAS!


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