ЛАС ИГРАС / Tarot cards "Osho Zen", 79 cards and incense

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Boxing: 80 pcs;
Composition: Bamboo, paper, cardboard, coal;
Materials: bamboo, paper, cardboard, coal;
Packing: 1 pc;
Individual packing: Foil;
Packing size: 17.5cm × 11.5cm × 3cm;
Collection: Holography;
Age: From 16 years old;
Holiday theme: Universal;
Material: Cardboard, Paper, Bamboo, Coal;
Number of players: 2 players, 1 player;
Playing time: 30 minutes;
Game genre: Fortune telling;
Reason for Play: Halloween, March 8;
Number of players: 1 - 2;
Material: Cardboard Tarot Osho Zen When life becomes difficult and difficult, filled with doubts and anxieties, we begin to look for answers to the questions that concern us the most. Tarot Osho Zen will help you focus on what is happening here and now. The basic principle of Osho Zen is based on the wisdom of Zen philosophy, according to which everything that happens to us is a direct reflection of what we think and feel. How to work with tarot cards? * Be extremely calm, but do not dormant. Fortune-telling is a dialogue with the Absolute. * Throw away all desires, get ready for any answer and most importantly - bring it to life. * Never ask a question several times, even if it seems to you that the fortune-telling has gone astray. * Enjoy the very process of divination and deciphering of cards. * After completing the fortune-telling, warmly thank the Absolute for the information provided. Inside you will find: * 78 cards, * instructions, * incense. Get an answer to your question.


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