Sos for fragile and brittle nails - multivitamin preparation for strengthening the nails with calcium and collagen series nail therapy professional, Eveline, 12 ml

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Calcium and collagen, the substances that are responsible for the strength of the nail. Therefore, to improve the condition of brittle or damaged nail plates is necessary to use products that are enriched with these substances.

Perfect multivitamin preparation of the company Eveline Nail Therapy. In addition to the above-mentioned substances, also contains vitamin complexes that improve the processes of biosynthesis and regeneration. In just 10 days of regular use your nails will acquire a second youth! The tool will help even in the most advanced and severe cases.

METHOD of APPLICATION: Shake before use. 1 day to apply the drug directly to the nails. On the 2nd

day be applied over the second layer of the drug. On the 3rd day to remove all the layers with nail Polish remover NAIL THERAPY and to repeat the 2-day procedure again. Apply within 2 weeks, then stop taking the drug for 1 month


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