Maximum recovery, healthy nails 8in1 - silver shine series nail therapy professional, Eveline, 12 ml

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an Exclusive product to restore the nails with micro-particles of silver and active Strong Nail complex™ penetrates the structure of the nail plate, restoring and fortifying it stimulates the growth of nails. The product effectively hydrates the nail plate. Prevents breakage and delamination, making the nails more resistant to mechanical damage. The result of 10-day therapy will be healthy and strong nails. Microparticles of silver will also add Shine to the manicure.

Method of application: Shake before use. 1 day to apply the drug directly to the nails. On the 2nd day be applied over the second layer of the drug. On the 3rd day to remove all the layers with nail Polish remover NAIL THERAPY and to repeat the 2-day procedure again. Apply within 2 weeks and then stop using the product for 1 month.


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