Highly effective agent for the regeneration and strengthening the nail plate - 8in1 healthy nails series, nail therapy professional, Eveline, 12 ml

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8 in 1


a Lot of problems - one solution!

Therapeutic drug for nails

an Efficient and fast regeneration

Have a beautiful well-groomed hands with a perfect manicure all want. But boast healthy nails can not every woman. Nails exfoliate, break, covered with white spots.

Revolutionary unique formulation of a Therapeutic drug for nails HEALTHY NAILS

with active Strong Nail complex ™ restores the balance of the nails in record time, has unique medical and therapeutic action, shaping and stimulating the growth of healthy nails. Prevents deformation thicken the nail plate and protects nails from the harmful effects of the environment.

as a result of the 10-day application of the preparation Your nails will be beautiful, long and well groomed. Acquire attractive healthy look and a mirror Shine.

METHOD of USE: Day 1: apply directly on the nail. Day 2: apply a second coat. Day 3: rinse with two layers

by using nail Polish remover and repeat the procedure. Continue for 2-3 weeks, then use as a base coat once a week.


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