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The company "Kayur Travel" offers walks on snowmobiles and quad bikes on various routes with the overcoming of springboards, ravines and other obstacles created by nature itself. We will provide a guaranteed safe, pleasant ride on snowmobiles or quad bikes on specially designed routes. All routes are laid according to two basic principles: safety and beauty. At least 2 snowmobiles are involved in each ride. This is a prerequisite for security. During the tour, we can organize warm tents with a stove, hot tea and venison shurpa. It is possible to organize a Russian bath with brooms made of cedar elfin wood. It is possible to organize camping in warm, 2-layer tents for collective events of up to 40 people. Main snowmobile routes: * Svetlaya Bay through the domes on the Marchekansky hill with departure to the sea shore Approximate total length of 30 km. In the huge dome of the former military locator installation, unusual acoustic effects can be heard, when the echo from a quiet conversation repeatedly amplified from all sides literally stuns the listener. The trip starts from the Old Merry. Chance of independent descent from the top of the hill on the mountain or ordinary skiing directly to the foot of the south-eastern part of the city. * The Peninsula Avian The route takes about 40 km. Possible departure to the beach. The trip starts from the old Northern farm. * Bear Cove Approximately 40 - 50 km. The route starts from the old Northern farm. * Journey through the winter forest beyond the Armansky Pass The distance options are possible, but also about 40 - 50 km. Departure either from the Armansky pass, or from the Severnaya poultry farm. * Motykleysky Bay and Motykleysky Hot Springs The Motykleysky sources located not far from Magadan have long been known for the healing properties of their water. They do not freeze even in the most severe frosts, the temperature rarely drops below +25 degrees. Departure from the village Balagannoe. The length of the route is about 100 km. For swimming in a separate 2-layer tent with a stove it is possible to put large sleds as a bath and constantly pour hot water from a spring into them. Until the recent past, two wells operated in the vicinity of the Motykleisky Bay. In one, the outlet water temperature was about 38 degrees Celsius, in the other, about 22 degrees - 28 °. Currently, only one is cooler. * Shallow Bay Departure from Ola settlement. The total length of about 150 km. Shallow Water Bay is located 80 kilometers from Magadan and is a place of worship for Kolyma fishermen because of the extremely catching smelt fishing in this place. * Hunting camp 3rd Lankovaya Accommodation at the base (separate houses, bath). Departure on snowmobiles from Klepka village, the length of the route is about 120 km. On the river Lankovo ​​great ice fishing.