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Travel company "Kayur Travel" is ready to organize various combined tours, fully developed and arranged according to the wishes of the client, or created according to his personal program. We understand that our region is far enough away from the Central Regions of Russia and a trip to Magadan is already a separate adventure in itself. Not every person is ready to boast that he flew in an airplane for seven hours in a row! We also realize that a trip to Magadan is quite a costly undertaking and every person planning a trip to the Northeast would like to see the most interesting things in our region. Therefore, we propose to form combined tours based on the wishes of our guests - this could be a rally along the Golden Ring with a visit to the places of the Gulag and the gold-mining artel, which will end with rafting on the Arman river, and sea fishing will be the perfect end to the Kolyma tour. Walking tour can be combined with a trip on a quad bike or return to the city on a high-speed Japanese boat. We can offer you a lot of options for combined tours, you only need to indicate to us the time of your stay in Magadan and your priorities and we will develop an individual tour for you based on your wishes, if they do not contradict the current legislation.