Mountain-skiing tours: Krasnaya Polyana Mountain-skiing tours: Krasnaya Polyana

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The popularity of winter recreation is growing every year. And this is not surprising, because what can be better than getting unspeakable emotions from a steep descent on skis and feel all the joy in the fresh snow. Ski tours offer lovers of outdoor activities a great opportunity to enjoy the winter nature and try snow-covered ski slopes. In our country the winter climate prevails, and therefore it is quite logical that more and more people prefer them. In our country there are many excellent winter resorts. And ski tours are popular not only among those who are engaged in this sport professionally. A large number of newcomers, for the first time on skis, are trained right at the resort with experienced instructors. In the end, everyone knows that practice is the best teacher! Due to the variety of routes in terms of the level of complexity, ski tours are of interest to beginners, who for the first time in their lives decided to come down from the mountain. The combination of gradual and steep slopes creates excellent conditions for different categories of skiers. Beginners can always take lessons on skis or snowboard and learn this wonderful sport. The main ski resorts in Russia are located in the Caucasus and the Urals. Winter infrastructure in Russia is actively developing at the moment, so you can choose your winter vacation at a very affordable price. But winter tours are not limited to skiing and snowboarding only. In your spare time you can go on an excursion or visit one of the many bars, restaurants and cafes and quench your hunger after a walk in the fresh air, having tasted delicious meals. Our company offers you a wide selection of winter tours, each of which is unique and memorable. Please contact us, and we will help you choose the best tour that will meet your expectations.