Этель / Blanket Camel wool 172 * 205 cm, teak, 300 g / m2

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So soft and cozy! Delicate, warm and beautiful blanket "Ethel" Camel wool will give you only good dreams and a truly wonderful morning. Camel wool is used as a filler in combination with artificial swan down. Such a blanket not only maintains a comfortable body temperature at night, but also: has medicinal properties - helps with joint pain, improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure; relieves muscle tension, calms and relaxes; creates the effect of "dry heat"; does not electrify, repels dust. The cover made of natural and environmentally friendly cotton gently touches the skin and helps it breathe, wicking moisture well from the surface of the body. Composition Insulation: Size (A x B), cm - 172 x 205;
Color - Beige;
Fabric - Teak;
Filler density - 300;
Bedding filler material - Camel wool;
Fabric composition - Cotton;
Seasonality of blankets - Winter (warmed);
Color not specified;
Material texture (for unloading) - Smooth;
Care instructions - Wash at 30 ° C;
Care instructions - Do not bleach;
Care instructions - Drum drying is prohibited;
Bed linen size - 2-bed;
Decorative items on clothing, textiles (for unloading) - Without elements;
Collection (for unloading)
Drawing of clothes, textiles (for unloading) - Animals;
Type of packaging - Bag;
Bedding filler material - Artificial swan down


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