Decor and interior


Уют / Roller blind "Plain" 160x175 cm

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Price 111.52 USD

Уют / Roller blind "Listopad" 200x175 cm

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Price 186.24 USD

Этель / Bed linen Ethel duet "Cage" 143x215cm-2 pcs, 240*220cm, 70x70cm-2 pcs

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Price 104.76 USD

Сималенд / Matryoshka "Violets", 5 dolls

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Price 26.21 USD

Сималенд / Matryoshka "Violets", 5 dolls

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Price 26.21 USD

Этель / Fitted sheet Dandelions 180x200x20 cm

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Price 69.33 USD

Сималенд / Figure "Best Dad"

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Price 15.59 USD

Сималенд / Figure "Real man"

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Price 15.59 USD

Сималенд / Figure "Best husband"

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Price 15.59 USD

Premium Gips / Figurine "Elephant with tigers"

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Price 33.56 USD

Уют / Roman blind "Palmyra" 160x160 cm

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Price 98.55 USD

Уют / Roman blind "Palmyra" 80x160 cm

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Price 55.27 USD

Сималенд / Matryoshka 5 dolls "Red"

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Price 26.99 USD

Хорошие сувениры / Figure "Greyhound"

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Price 13.68 USD

Этель / Set of towels Homemade 3 pcs, 100% cotton

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Price 21.92 USD

Доляна / Dolana / Bath mat "Bright fish", 35 × 68 cm

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Price 21.88 USD

Доляна / Doliana / Rug "Starfish", 80 × 120 cm

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Price 46.72 USD

Доляна / Doliana / Rug "Sandy beach", 80 × 120 cm

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Price 56.64 USD

Buying decor and interior items is an obligatory stage in decorating an apartment or house after a housewarming or renovation. And just like that, it is very nice to periodically update the space around you by adding some zest to it. Whatever style you choose to decorate your home, it needs beautiful little additions.

Decor and interior items

Stylish interior decor items perform a number of functions:

  1. They decorate the premises;
  2. Complement the chosen style;
  3. Show the identity of the owner;
  4. Harmonize with other items;
  5. Create a general concept;
  6. Emphasize the taste of the owner.

It is customary to decorate not only private houses and apartments, but also offices, trade pavilions, exhibition halls and other spaces with original items. This is the current trend.

This product group includes:

  • wooden decor for the interior (organizers, racks),
  • textiles, tablecloths, various carpets and rugs,
  • clocks and weather stations, numerous accessories,
  • lighting and storage accessories,
  • mirrors and art products (paintings),
  • cult goods (icons), sculptures and busts,
  • vases, photo frames and candlesticks,
  • chests, boxes and figurines for interior decor.

Decor and interior store

Buying a good product in an online store at a bargain price and ordering home delivery is the best option for a zealous owner (or hostess) with a delicate taste.

Our home interior decor store offers a huge selection of products from various categories. For your comfort, a convenient filter has been created, allowing you to quickly find what you need.

Thousands of products are waiting for their buyer. Get a great opportunity to express yourself, demonstrate your individuality, show your interests.

  • A figurine of the BMP "Armata" will suit the lover of military equipment and history.
  • A connoisseur of home comfort with a touch of aristocracy - handmade ceramic floor vase with the telling name "Athena" to complete an interior decor of the living room.
  • A school-age child will rejoice at a box with the image of Baba Yaga or a story from the fairy tale about the Little Humpbacked Horse.
  • For those who like to keep an eye on the weather, for example, a summer resident, you can give a weather station, and a musician - a clock in the form of a violin.
  • A shocking young man will enjoy a piggy bank for a trifle in the shape of a human skull, and a mature brave hunter - a hanging decor in the form of a bear's head.

Everyone who visits the site of our marketplace will find something of their own.