Этель / Pillow Swan's down 70 × 70 cm, poplin

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Price 60.45 USD

Этель / Pillow Swan's down 50 × 70 cm, poplin

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Price 52.82 USD

Этель / Horse Pillow 39x46 cm, velor, polyester 100%

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Price 14.47 USD

Этель / Bedspread Euro Geometry, 230х210 cm, microfiber

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Price 95.09 USD

Этель / Bedspread euro My heart, 230х210 cm, microfiber

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Price 95.09 USD

Этель / Tulle "Tropics" 140x250 cm, polyester 100%

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Price 58.98 USD

Этель / Bed linen Ethel 1.5 cp Colored tropics (type 1) 143*215 cm, 150*214 cm, 70*70 cm 2 pcs

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Price 103.98 USD

Этель / Tablecloth "Christmas forest"

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Price 146.48 USD

Этель / Sheet Friday 150x220 cm

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Price 19.83 USD

Этель / Bed linen Ethel euro Ethnic style 200*217 cm, 240*220 cm, 50*70 cm - 2 pieces

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Price 117.24 USD

Этель / Curtain curtain 170x270 cm "Valencia"

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Price 148.13 USD

Этель / Ethel / Gift set "Happy" with a towel

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Price 26.17 USD

Various textiles for the interior design of an apartment are usually not only beautiful, but also functional things. Their task is to provide a comfortable, cozy stay in a house, apartment or hotel room. Their additional option is the opportunity to show your taste and imagination, deciding what to buy in the online store.

Home interior textiles

You can buy textiles for the interior of your home space in a wide variety of options. Some items are designed to fulfill their main function:

  • mattresses of the correct firmness and pillows with natural filling,
  • warm and light blankets, towels for body and face,
  • beautiful and safe bed linen, oven mitts for cooking in the kitchen.

Most often, these are textiles for the bedroom interior. It should be of high quality, because the human body often comes into contact with it, soft, discreet, but in its own way cute and pretty.

Other items are able to create by their presence a unique atmosphere in an apartment or house. Their task is different - to paint a home in bright colors or to create a languid, romantic atmosphere, to demonstrate that a businessman or a creative person lives here. We are, of course, talking about design things used for decoration:

  1. Curtains and drapes,
  2. Tablecloths and napkins,
  3. Bedspreads and more.

These items are often in sight of guests. And the owners themselves often glance at them. Usually they are classified in another category - textiles for the interior of the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Home textile for interior design store

In the catalog of our marketplace you will find thousands of different products

stylish interior textiles:

  • Tablecloths with unique national patterns and children's aprons with oversleeves for labor lessons;
  • Round cushions under the neck for travel, trips and sheets with a fun children's color or a gentle adult;
  • Terry towels of all colors of the rainbow and luxurious bedspreads for double beds from novosatin or cotton;
  • Soft pillows with swan down, on which, it seems, only pleasant dreams can be dreamed, and duvet covers, breathing tenderness;
  • Blankets, in which it is not only cozy to wrap yourself up on dark winter evenings, but also to hold a Christmas photo session, and much more.

All you need is an idea - to buy textiles for an apartment and a house. Everything else is with us - high quality goods, a large selection, proven suppliers, affordable prices and door-to-door delivery.