The folk arts and crafts of Russia invariably attract the attention of foreigners. They are as diverse as Russia itself. Volkhov painting, the history of which dates back to the 19th century, is among the most interesting phenomena.

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The history of artistic wood painting in the Volkhov district turned out to be quite tragic. During their heyday, the master painters of this school gained worldwide recognition. Subsequently, the secrets of the craft were lost, and they had to be revived as early as the 60-70s of the 20th century.

Traditionally, the artistic products of the masters were gilded and painted spinning wheels. Additionally, kitchen utensils and toys were made. The Volkhov nevalyashka was popular in Russia, but was unknown abroad.

All products had characteristic features:

  • The main theme is floral.
  • The central part of the piece is a rose surrounded by leaves (the correct name is "hibiscus").
  • Rich, bright colors with the predominance of red and gold.
  • Gradient stroke.

The extinction of this direction of folk art occurred for natural reasons. The textile industry was developing at a tremendous pace. The production of thread and fabrics by hand became unprofitable, spinning wheels went out of use.

The revival of the tradition began in 1960 and continues to this day. The Volkhov "rozan", a painting of the old masters, can only be bought in the museum. Modern samples from the city of Volkhov are created within the traditional technique. They can be bought freely.

Volkhov painting on wood

Compositions, methods of applying ornaments, color and style solutions are fully recreated. The modern Volkhov "rosan" (wood painting) is no different from the old school.

Today it is one of the best gifts for foreigners or residents of Russia who appreciate the history of the country. The famous pattern is beautiful, as well as the technology of its application strengthens the wood and protects it from the environment. Wooden products in this case last for 20-30 years without losing their qualities.