Tekila-Soap / Shampoo Sólido "Hortelã"

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Solid shampoo for normal to oily hair
✔ natural product: solid shampoo is made by hand and does not contain any synthetic components (even sodium lauryl sulfate is not in it!). It contains only plant-based natural ingredients, essential oils, natural acids, extracts of medicinal plants.
✔ has a certificate of quality.
✔ profitability: a solid shampoo is much more economical and more profitable than any bottles, because one such block of solid shampoo is enough for 2-3 months (depending on the length of the hair and how often you wash your hair). Hair with this shampoo is washed better and stay clean longer. Owners of oily hair types claim that with a solid shampoo they can wash their hair not every day, but after 2-3 days.
✔ nourishes the scalp, stimulates hair growth
✔ nourishes, strengthens and repairs damaged hair
✔ after washing the hair with such a solid shampoo, the hair is easy to comb, does not become electrified and looks shiny, clean and well-groomed
✔ supports vessels of the scalp in tone;
✔ cleans pores;
✔ Peppermint has a cooling effect that reduces itching, which is very important in the presence of scalp fungus, psoriasis and other itchy dermatoses
✔ Mint has antiseptic properties and fights bacterial and fungal infections that cause dandruff. With the use of mint, the hair will become noticeably thicker, stronger. Significantly reduced the amount of hair that remains on the comb
✔ thanks to mint, the oily hair will decrease, which means that even a few days after washing the hair will have a fresh and sparkling appearance.

✔ Ingredients: cocosulphate, peppermint hydrolyte, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, keratin, nettle extract, peppermint essential oil, spruce essential oil, bay essential oil, Miristyle asset, natural dye Chlorophyll

✔ More about the components:
- Peppermint is a universal remedy for use by people with different skin types. Menthol tones blood vessels, eliminates spasms, improves blood circulation at the site of application.
- Miristyle asset - a natural hair docility improver. It is used both to increase curly, and vice versa straightening curly hair, provides hair control. Mirustyle - provides superior styling compared to traditional styling components, and also reduces the static scattering of hair, while not affecting the aesthetics of the exterior. The product has an excellent ability to reduce curl, and therefore can be applied to hair after a permanent or naturally curly hair. Natural origin and biodegradable INCI: Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hydrolyzet Corn Starch
- Keratin protein is the most effective and effective protein, it acts like a patch, it helps to restore the hair structure. Keratin is insoluble in nature, but thanks to chemical research today it has become possible to add it to shampoos, masks and balms, which helps to heal damaged hair and give it shine, elasticity and smoothness.

✔ Shampoo comes in an aluminum jar, inside is an instruction for use

✔ How to use: wet your hair, run a piece of shampoo through your hair, beat the foam and rinse your hair. Repeat as necessary several times. In no case do not wet the piece itself under running water.

✔ How to store: in a dry soap dish, avoid getting water on the shampoo.
With proper use, shampoo is enough for 2-3 months.

Expiration date: 6 months
Service life: 3 months
Weight of goods with packaging: 50 gr.
Country of Origin: Russia
Dimensions with packaging (Length * Width * Height): 7 cm * 7 cm * 2.5 cm


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