Tekila-Soap / Conjunto de amostrador de xampu sólido: menta, oceano, cítrico, lavanda

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You can always order a set of samplers from four pieces of solid shampoo: mint, citrus, lavender and the ocean

✔ One piece is enough to understand: yours is a shampoo or you can offer it to someone from your family.

✔ One piece if used correctly is enough for 2-3 weeks

✔ Tip: first use one probe, at least two weeks. Then, take the next one. Naturally, there are exceptions that will immediately understand: well, it's not mine, it's not mine. Then without options - we do not suffer for two weeks, but take the next bite.

✔ natural product: solid shampoo is made by hand and does not contain any synthetic components (even sodium lauryl sulfate is not in it!). It contains only plant-based natural ingredients, essential oils, natural acids, extracts of medicinal plants.

✔ profitability: a solid shampoo is much more economical and more profitable than any bottles, because one such block of solid shampoo is enough for 2-3 months (depending on the length of the hair and how often you wash your hair).

Hair with this shampoo is washed better and stay clean longer. Owners of oily hair types claim that with a solid shampoo they can wash their hair not every day, but after 2-3 days.

✔ nourishes the scalp, stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair

✔ after washing the hair with such a solid shampoo, the hair is easy to comb, does not become electrified and looks shiny, clean and well-groomed

✔ How to use: wet your hair, run a piece of shampoo through your hair, beat the foam and rinse your hair. Repeat as necessary several times. In no case do not wet the piece itself under running water.

✔ How to store: in a dry soap dish, avoid getting water on the shampoo.

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