ДюнАстра / Children's boots, winter

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This high model, 185mm boots made of Du-Care (EVA) material are designed for winter walks and active rest for children. Dyutikov made in view of the ergonomic features of the growing baby foot. The upper part of the boots is made of waterproof warm cloth. In front of the boots there is a zipper on the elastic with a button to adjust the tightness of the boot to the child's leg. They are suitable for active recreation of children both in the city and in nature. Well proven at low temperatures, down to -30C boots are equipped with a natural, sewn toe made of natural wool. A woven tongue of the top is completely sheathed with natural wool and sewn with the help of connecting wind-proof valves, which gives additional heat to this model. Bright thermo-stickers are made according to individual design. Boots are very easy to care for, wash in a typewriter at t30C. We can produce boots with your logo, any thermo-sticker and in any color version. Boots produced in Russia. Order now!


Children's winter boots Model 574

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