ДюнАстра / Children's boots "Junior"

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Boots and made of DU-light (PVC) are designed for modern, active boys and girls. We created this model specially for children, leading a healthy lifestyle, engaged in sports, swimming, wrestling, tennis, hockey, figure skating. These children are constantly on the move. In our boots, you are always ready for any bad weather, whether it's snow or rain. The boot shoe is made taking into account the ergonomic features of the growing baby foot. Your feet rest when you walk in the "Junior" boots. In these boots you can play for a long time on a walk with friends or your four-legged friend, without being afraid to get wet or freeze, they are absolutely not soaked. They are very soft, warm, elastic, odorless, hypoallergenic, which is very important when choosing children's shoes. And even the dirt does not stick to the sole of the boots. In addition to a warm sole, these boots are equipped with a removable warm insulation. A warmer made of fleece, easily rubbed, quickly dried, does not create an environment for fungi, has no smell. These boots can be worn in any weather both with a heater, and without it. Boots are very easy to care for, just wipe with a damp sponge. They easily dress on any children's foot. We produce these boots for our small customers, taking into account all the wishes and features of the structure and load on the children's feet. Boots produced in Russia. Order now!


Kids' boots model 2603U

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