Золотая Хохлома / Set for drinks, Khokhloma painting, 13 items

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Set for the drink 13 subject. The set includes: skid-panel 300 * 21 mm - 1 pc., Glass 75 * 65 mm - 6 pcs., Glass 60 * 55 mm - 6 pcs. It is made in full accordance with the traditional Khokhloma gilding technology. Carved from solid wood manually. Has an author's painting in the background writing technique. Varnish and multiple high-temperature firing makes the product waterproof and wear-resistant. All materials used in the production are natural and environmentally friendly. The set is intended for drinks (compotes, soft drinks, etc.). It will look exquisitely in the interior of both the office and the office, as well as at home. It will serve as an excellent gift option in the Russian style. Each item has a signature by the author of the painting. The packaging is made of branded cardboard. Materials: Solid wood (linden), soil, drying oil, aluminum powder, enamel, natural pigments, dyes, varnish suitable for contact with food products.

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