Сималенд / Wall-mounted bactericidal recirculator 4x15 W

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Wall-mounted bactericidal recirculator RBm 4X15 (110 cubic meters / hour) is mounted on the wall of the room and is used to disinfect the air in rooms with a volume of up to 110 m3. The device is completely safe for humans and can work in his presence. In recirculators, the bactericidal flow from the lamps is distributed in a limited small enclosed space and does not have an outlet to the outside, while the air is disinfected while it is pumped through the ventilation holes of the recirculator. Bactericidal recirculators have been known to the world for over 100 years, and their efficiency has been confirmed by numerous tests and many years of practical application. For all this time, it has been established that the greatest bactericidal effect is possessed by radiation, whose wavelength is within 253.7 nm, due to which bacteria die, damage their DNA and destroy them at the cellular level. What types of bacteria are killed by germicidal recirculators? Viruses: coronovirus
Productivity, cubic meters / hour - 110


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