CS Medica / Mechanical tonometer "CS-105"

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Mechanical blood pressure monitor CS-105 with built-in phonendoscope will help you measure blood pressure on your own. The bulb is made of soft elastic rubber that pumps air into the cuff pneumatic chamber effortlessly. The filter valve protects the pressure gauge mechanism and nipple from dust and small particles. It has a needle valve that releases air at the required speed. Thanks to the ring, you can easily and quickly attach the cuff to your arm without assistance. The rigid bar protects the skin from getting into the cut and prevents the fabric from wrinkling. The metal tubes of the tonometer headband are equipped with soft elastic olives, which fit snugly to the ear openings without injuring them. The length of the cuff allows you to measure pressure on the shoulder with a circumference of 22–38 cm. The device meets the safety requirements for this medical device in the Russian Federation. Technical specifications Mechanical tonometer pressure gauge CS Medica CS-105, Pressure blower (pear), Phonendoscope headband, Phonendoscope head, Y-shaped sound conduit of the phonendoscope, Cuff with a metal clamp for arm circumference 22-38 cm, Operation manual, Soft case for storing the device , Warranty card.
Cover - Yes;
Cuff size - 22 * 38;
Tonometer type - Mechanical;
Pressure measurement range, mm Hg Art. - 1.00 * 300.00;
Cuff Attachment - Shoulder


Width in packing, mm
Package weight, kg
Package height, mm
Length in packing, mm

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