Kaemingk / Hold's bottle clothes

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A New Year's decoration for a Holda bottle is an original decor that instantly identifies "mistress" in a solemn setting.
Luxurious fur clothes, complemented by a large brooch, seem to have been removed from the shoulder of a miniature hunter from Scandinavian legends.
They will be an amazing outfit for a vessel with a noble drink.
Unusual clothes for a bottle will make a lush accent on the set table and give you a sense of celebration.
Specifications: Size: 17 * 15 cm.
Material: faux fur.
Decor: brooch.
Weight: 0.02 kg Package length: 0.17 m.
Packing width: 0.12 m.
Package height: 0.03 m.
Packing volume: 0.0006 m 3

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