Kaemingk / Decorative ribbon Lilla Lunare: Silver patterns 270 * 13 cm

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The New Year's ribbon will help you decorate the interior for the long-awaited celebration, create interesting decorations for the Christmas tree and elegantly pack gifts for family and friends.
Made in a delicate lilac shade and complemented by a sparkling pattern, it will add graceful notes to the composition.
Thanks to the wire edge, the satin gift ribbon can take any shape, so working with it will be simple and convenient.
Decorative ribbons are a real must-have in festive decoration.
They can be used to decorate a Christmas tree or use them to package presents.
If desired, with the help of ribbons with a wire edge, you can completely transform the interior: grab the curtains, use for table setting or as an element for New Year's compositions.
Whatever idea of a solemn design comes to your mind, it will definitely come true and exceed expectations! Specifications: Size: 270 * 13 cm.
Material: textile.
Color: lilac.
Weight: 0.04 kg Package volume: 0.0007 m 3

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