Доляна / Doliana / Curtain for the bathroom "Pebbles", 180 × 180 cm, EVA

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Minimum order amount for the supplier 18.52 USD

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How to choose the right bathroom curtain? I would like the new acquisition to be of high quality, durable, practical and at the same time brightly and non-trivially designed. We have a solution! Plastic shower curtains are the undoubted leaders in popularity. Housewives all over the world prefer them because of their low cost and variety of colors. The bathroom curtain demonstrates a strict balance between decorativeness and functionality. What is it good for? The model is made of safe plastic, which guarantees water resistance. You don't have to worry about dry floor or bath rug. The colorful design of the new acquisition will significantly refresh the familiar interior, and the low price will make it easy to change the curtain if you are bored with the drawing or want something new. If necessary, you can easily resize the curtain by simply cutting it to the length or width you need. The structure of the material does not need


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