ЛАС ИГРАС / Divination cards "Tarot", 78 cards

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Boxing: 116 pcs;
Composition: Paper, cardboard;
Materials: paper, cardboard;
Packing: 1 pc;
Packing size: 11.5cm × 6.5cm × 3cm;
Age: From 16 years old;
Number of cards: 78;
Holiday theme: Universal;
Material: Cardboard, Paper;
Number of players: 1 player, 2 players;
Playing time: 30 minutes;
Game genre: Fortune telling;
Reason for Play: March 8, Halloween;
Number of players: 1 - 2;
Material: Cardboard Magic deck, shrouded in mysticism From time immemorial, people have sought to look into the future, predict upcoming events and find out their fate. Fortune telling on Tarot cards is a quick way to answer exciting questions. What can the cards tell? 1. What is the current state of affairs and in which direction the situation is developing. 2. In what way you can solve the existing problem or achieve the goal. 3. What are the prospects for a particular case, relationship or situation. 4. What is the cause and effect of this or that event. 5. How to deal with the situation and what decision is best to take. 6. What is the path of self-knowledge and self-realization, as well as spiritual search. The cards do not give an unambiguous answer - "yes" or "no", they help to make a decision, describing the consequences of a particular choice. Inside you will find: * 78 cards; * instructions with interpretation. Get answers to all your questions!


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