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Appointment Pasteurization of drinking milk. Pasteurization of juices, wines, wine, water and other liquid food products The flexibility of the system is expressed in the possibility of realization of high temperature regimes of pasteurization for milk. In the pasteurizer with intermediate heat carrier, heating of the product in the pasteurization section is hot water, which circulates in a closed circuit. Hot water preparation is carried out by the heating elements in a special unit of flow type. The processing of the product in the pasteurizer is also fully automated. To maintain a given mode of the pasteurization process supported by the implementation of PID control law to automatically regulate the temperature in the circuit of pasteurization. The process control system is built on basis of programmable controllers of Omron company. High accuracy of maintenance of temperature of pasteurization is ensured by the implementation of the PID act automatic temperature control. Using the touch panel operator to visualize the process in digital and graphical forms, issuing messages to the operator and emergency situation. Additional option: the performance of the pasteurizer with the function of sanitary treatment of the supply lines and delivery of the product.


Pasteurization temperature
up to 95 ° C
1000 - 3000 l / hour
3-phase current 380V / 50Hz
Accuracy of maintaining pasteurization temperature
0.5 ° C
Capacità installata
24 - 45 kW

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