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Appointment automated CIP cleaning and sanitization of process equipment and pipework with the use of different detergents. Performance on the supply of detergent solution (basic version): 10, 15, 25, 50 m3/h The pressure in the arteries of the sink (base versions): 3.2 ATM (At the Customer's request CIP-station made of any desired capacity and head). The functionality of CIP-stations: the task of the parameters of the technological process of washing; the calculation of the required quantity of reagents and implementation of the process of preparation of the working solution in the automatic mode; the implementation of the technological process of washing in sequence with the automatic temperature and concentration; visualization of the cleaning process in a digital and graphical form with the results of the message on the operator's actions, including emergency situations (SCADA systems); the choice of routes or objects wash with the automatic execution of the corresponding switching; archiving of values of technological parameters of the sink.


Pressure in the washing lines
up to 5 bar
Capacity for the supply of cleaning solutions
10 - 50 m3 / hour

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