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Working on the platform GRT
2 years 1 month
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Company description

Developing carpet games from the author - a fun game and study - 2 in 1!
Combine the new game with effective preparation for school using the original educational method approved by the methodologists and educators of kindergartens in Russia.
And this will help amazing educational authoring games from carpet - these are unique sets that are at the same time creative designers, interesting story games, teaching didactic aids, and also sensory developing toys.
They are so interesting and bright, that even a fidget will enthusiastically join the game and be able to hold attention for a long time. And they are completely safe, very diverse and multifaceted.
Sets on a variety of topics: for boys, girls and universal. The difficulty level of any game can be changed by selecting the appropriate tasks. And also just to give the child colorful pictures for an independent creative game.
The carpet from which the figures are made is much denser than felt, although it is similar to it in its qualities. But all the details are more rigid, which allows them not only to keep their shape, but also to serve for a long time without spoiling. It is very convenient to play. The size of the elements may vary depending on the set from 2x2 cm to 20x20 cm.
* Details.
Each game contains in its composition unique elements on some topic. Quantity, color, size, shape - all this can vary. Paints are always very bright and attractive for the baby.
The variety of sets is amazing! What is there just not! Any benefits for the kindergarten program. These are good old fairy tales, familiar to all children (turnip and teremok, hen ryab and bun and many, many others), and logopedic houses, and boys' machines, and mathematical tutorials with numbers, signs, counting material, as well as plot sets for role-playing and didactic games: seasons and road signs, animal and plant world, insects and fish, acquaintance with color and shadow ...
* Playing field.
A special rug on which the figures can be glued with special reusable adhesive tape is sometimes included in the kit. Sometimes only the figures are in the set. This is convenient, because a set without a rug is much cheaper and you can save money by using one playing field for several sets of games at once.
Ready set or your idea?
Games from the author - handmade - made with love!
Lilia Mukhamedzhanova - the author and performer of the idea of carpet toys lives and works in St. Petersburg, initially engaged in the sale of educational toys and has experience in this field for over 10 years.
Later, the idea to create unique toys of their own, which have been successful with customers for more than 6 years.
All sets are unique, except for the author, no one else is creating such manuals. All the figures in the sets are solid, initially cut on a special machine with perfect accuracy, so they are so accurate and realistic. After this, the sacrament begins, Lilia glues and draws her works exclusively by hand, putting her soul into each figure.
In addition to personal responsibility, the author may submit certificates of quality that all games have. Therefore they
* perfectly safe for children
* enjoy success with those parents who want to develop the child effectively and joyfully,
* in demand in kindergartens
* approved by professional teachers, as they correspond to the pre-school development program.
And a small bonus: 10% discount when buying from 5000r.
The address
Санкт-Петербург, 192102, Тамбасова 5Н
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Company products

2820 ₽/set
Article : 11925